Below are the answers to many of the most commonly asked questions heard from our customers. If your questions are not answered here, please contact your facility and speak to one of our self storage professionals.

What is self-storage?2022-05-16T18:42:34+00:00

Self storage is an affordable, efficient way for you to store your possessions in a clean and secure environment. Self storage makes it easy to store items of all shapes and sizes in one convenient location.

Do I receive a lock when I rent a unit?2022-05-16T18:43:07+00:00

To ensure you are the only one with access to your items, customers are required to supply their own locks. We sell locks and a variety of packing supplies in store.

How long are your occupancy agreements?2022-05-16T18:43:32+00:00

We offer month to month occupancy agreements, meaning no contracts and no commitments.

What is a temperature-controlled unit and do I need it?2022-05-16T18:46:48+00:00

Temperature controlled storage units are temperature controlled ensuring your items are not exposed to extreme temperatures. Temperature controlled facilities are housed in an indoor building where dirt and dust are less likely to penetrate. This is ideal for storing furniture, photographs, CD’s/records, electronics, as well as other items that may be affected by extreme temperature fluctuations.

How often can I access my unit?2022-05-16T18:47:13+00:00

Access hours are 7:00am – 8:00pm 365 days a year.

Can I purchase boxes and packing supplies at your facilities?2022-05-16T18:47:39+00:00

Our facilities carry a full line of packing and moving supplies including a variety of boxes, locks and tape.

How can I make a payment?2023-05-02T19:48:29+00:00

Payment to your account can be made:

  • On our secure website at storeawayny.com through payment portal Rent Café
  • Setting your account up on AutoPay via Rent Café
What size units do you offer and how much do they cost?2022-05-16T18:48:26+00:00

We have a wide variety of unit sizes to meet any need. Unit sizes range from 25 sq ft up to 600 sq ft. Unit sizes and prices vary. Contact the facility for available sizes and prices.

What forms of payment do you accept?2023-05-02T20:00:01+00:00

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and debit cards.

Do I have to give notice to vacate my unit?2022-05-16T18:49:11+00:00

We require a vacate notice in writing 10 days prior to your move out date. This notice should include your name, your unit number and the date that you will be moving out. For example, if you plan to move out July 16th, we would require a move-out notice from you by July 6th. You can email, mail or drop off move-out notice to the store manager, which was included in your move-in packet.

Do I need insurance?2023-05-02T20:00:32+00:00

Coverage for your stored items is recommended. You have two options for coverage. You can choose to bring proof of your homeowners or renters policy at the time you sign your occupancy agreement, or we offer tenant insurance. For as little as $10 a month, you can have $2,000 worth of coverage for your items. Larger amounts are available, please ask the store manager for more details.

What types of security do you offer?2022-05-16T18:50:04+00:00

We offer 24-hour video surveillance. Electronic keypad gate entry to ensure only tenants can access the property. Contact our facility directly to learn more about our security features.

Video cameras: Our facilities use recorded video cameras as a security measure. Cameras are generally located at the point of entry and exit and other areas around the facility.

Electronic Gate System: Our facilities have an electronic gate system which can only be opened by a security code that is assigned to each individual tenant at the time of lease signing. The code allows us to monitor who is entering the facility and ensure that only tenants have access to the property.

Personal Locks Available for Purchase: To ensure you are the only one with access to your items, we require our customers to supply their own lock. We sell locks in all of our stores.

Do you offer RV/boat/trailer/car/motorcycle parking?2022-05-16T18:50:27+00:00

Our properties offer indoor or outdoor parking for RVs, boats, cars, trailers and motorcycles. Vehicles that are stored are required to be insured. (Guilderland location only)

What’s the difference between office hours and gate hours?2022-05-16T18:50:50+00:00

The office hours represent the time in which the manager will be available to assist you with your storage needs or moving and packing supplies. The gate hours are the hours in which you can access your unit.

What is the difference between a drive-up unit and temperature controlled unit?2022-05-16T18:51:46+00:00

A drive-up unit is an outside unit, located on ground level that gives you the ability to load your items directly from your vehicle . A temperature controlled unit is located within a building on the property and will require you to go inside to access your unit.

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